Not too late for hello?

Joined Apr 24, 2001
Hello everyone. I hope it is not too late to introduce myself to you. The boor that I am did not realize that I should have done this first.

Some of you may know me from my posts already. I found this site almost three weeks ago and I've got to say that this site takes the cake from Napster. Hee hee!

I made a career change just over a year ago from eight years in the non-profit field to the pastry arts. It's never too late to do good things.

Currently, I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just quit my job two days ago. But things are looking good on the horizon. Hope to be back in the kitchen soon.

See you in the forum!

:D Monpetitchoux
Joined Mar 13, 2001
Welcome to Cheftalk, monpetitchoux!

I like to call San Francisco Bay the area of "The French Laundry"!!!!

Joined Mar 4, 2000
Of course. It's nice to hear a little bit about you. Good luck in your job search! And welcome to cheftalk.
Joined Oct 5, 2001
Hello monpetitchoux!

Welcome! I have been enjoying your postings. I wish you the best in your job search.
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