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    I've been to college since last january studying catering, the same course really but unfortunatly colleges are no longer fair or just in how they do things, i feel i can't get any further in anything i try and the only thing i will be stuck with is a waitress, i would really love to cook as a job but the problem is colleges are no longer a place of real education, it is all about money, even us being there they get insurance money and they get to keep all that too by making health and safety rules over the top so we will not even slip or nothing of a sort, i just don't see a future of studying any where no more without being told i cannot do things my own way or even do things in a way that easier for me, too much manipulation goes on and i just don't know if anything is right for me, i am always just stressed out too much even from 2 days there because they make it that way and i feel nothing is enjoyable any more, i leave near the end of June but i will not pass due to my lecturer starting us on paperwork in the afternoons but she wants us to do 2 meals before 12:30pm lunch time, for a beguinner course she makes it too hard and i feel it is not done fairly, she wants us to speed up but cutlery takes years to get to that point plus most of my class has learning difficulties and disabilities but not even someone who doesn't can work at such a fast speed without at least a 5 years of practise, if i don't i cannot pass just because of that and everything i done will make me look bad because i didn't pass and these days everything is made your fault, i'm just really thinking the accademic way of things isn't for me as i don't wish to deal with such negative actions from others, things are hard enough but to have that on top of everything else i just don't know about much. I don't know what i wish to do to be honest, i mean cooking is alright i enjoy it a bit but it's the same for everything else, only a bit because the majority is just too stressful, how do i know if cutlery is for me when in the course we are not even given the proper chance to learn to cook many different things?, all we cook all the time is ether soups, 2 different curries, pie, cottage or shepards pie, apple pie/crumble or tirimisu, i jsut feel so unchallanged because this is just the colleges menu, i feel so used... it's nothing new though as mostly that is what happens these days and i just don't want this in my life, i'm a nice person and it should not be like that for me but lately i get so many negative things happening to me, i don't know why... I can say what i learned from got me some where at least but it didn't, as long as people see i can never pass a college course that outweighs what i know for them, is there any other way i can do things? i know internet is one of them but i don't think id like to do aprenterships ether, we still need college for that but as you can see i just don't belong where i cannot decide how i wish to do things, everything is always 1 set way.Any suggestions to get out this cycle to actually get from A to B for once?.