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  • Sodexo - Food Operations Manager

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Joined Oct 25, 2016
I am juggling between some job offers and was hoping to see what you all think.  im 29 years old and have and offer from sodexo for food operations manager and i have a Sous Chef offer From the holiday inn. ones a night job and ones a day job ones better pay but i think i would like to be more active at the other. i guess my what im wondering is i want to advance my career and is one better for that then the other? i love to cook and i love the restaurant industry and want to manage not just as as a chef but maybe one day as a general manager  i guess i dont know i dont wanna get out of cooking and just be in an office but i think i need that too im just on the fence.
Joined Mar 23, 2017
Well, I currently work at Sodexo, and I have to say that I've loved every minute working for the account I do. They are very healthy and proactive at getting employees on a career path and pushing them. That being said, that refers to account specific. Trying to transfer into the position Im now trained for, within the company has been long and ardorous. But I was able to take the letters of recommendation and experience I gained within my account to get into a Chef manager position with a different company, and relatively fast. Two years took me from the bottom of the barrel to head of my own account. That could be just that I draw a perfect hand with the mentors I worked for though. I'm 26 myself.
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