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Hello again.

I'm Peachcreek. I used to chat here a while back. I moved from the Rockies to New England. Now I'm soaking up the culture and nuances of Vermont. At this point in my ongoing exploration of fun places to cook I've ended up now as a private cook for guest rentals.

In a way all my years of cooking and waiting tables are now in use as I try to inflict food and charm upon this weeks' renters.

See you all on the interwebs.



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Welcome back so great to hear from you! Please share some of your menus for the guests I would love to read them.
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Hi Kuan and Nicko.

Some back story-

We opened our 2nd restaurant in 2008. We had a very good first and second year.

During that time we were caught up in a heated battle with our real estate partner that ended up in several years of litigation.

The result was we ended up selling our interest and moving far away.

At the same time as I was opening our 2nd restaurant I was struggling with some deep personal issues that affected my life.

I came out and told the world the truth: I am a transgender person. (feel free to give a collective *gasp*)

We moved to Vermont. I had every intention of not working in foodservice. That lasted about a week when I'd realized after working all my life that... a kitchen is where I feel most comfortable.

Re-entering the workforce after that has been an interesting, sometimes entertaining, sometimes awful experience. The view is different.

I'm lucky to be in a place where people support and respect me and my work.

What a long, strange trip my life has been.... and its only half over.

Recipes? I have those.

May I also comment that I write very poor inaccurate recipes? I think of it as a gift. Eventually I will actually test and edit them down to something that works. Till then I like to think of them as at best inspirational, at worst a waste of groceries.

And with that... here is a link to my 2016 food blog:

See you all on the Interwebs-


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