not happy at my dont like the

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okay so my family is in NC

I am in KY at school

I want to move to California for school

mom doesnt like the idea because it will be so far away

but to be honest I want to work at AI

and I have wanted to since I was 16 (19 now)

and mom said she wanted me closer to home

I am tired of pleasing everyone else this is my future

and the school I want to go to...advice?


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You're an adult, do what you want.

Tell your mom she can move to California just as easily as you can go to school close by. But nicely of course.

As to happy at school, the title of the thread, that's a lesser concern than getting what you need out of school. School is only temporary and a few years of painful struggle to get what you NEED  is time well spent.
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So, WHY do you want to change schools?

Are you "self-supporting"? If so, do what YOU want to. If not, maybe you need to look at becoming "self-supporting" so you can do what YOU want.

Remember the "Golden Rule", "(S)he who has the gold RULES!"
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