Not getting credit as head chef - Not sure how I feel about this

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I started as a private chef during culinary school in luxury lodges, not long after going straight to head chef and responsible for co-ordinating chefs into 5 houses to cook for vip guests. All menus are designed by me and new chefs taught by me but I dont get recognition. The new chefs take it all. Am I being ridiculous (most probably) just trying to put things in perspective. I feel like a nothing! Menus are presented with your chef has prepared for you? Should I put my name on the menus...


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It happens a lot. We are journeymen, and the best recognition is that of your peers, not the guests. Sure it'll make you feel like a celebrity for a second by the lasting impression from your fellow chefs is forever.
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Have the booking agent for the five houses include the following statement upon confirmation of reservation.-

"Our Executive Chef, Smitties009, will coordinate all menus and dietary considerations with your on-site chef to provide optimal food service during your visit." (edit as needed)

Frame the credit using dietary concerns as the reason to know who does the menus...

Just a thought.

Good Luck!
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Then there's Gordon Ramsey putting his name on various restaurants. He gets the credit and the Michelin stars but there's a Chef at each place who does the daily grind.
Over the years I've come to be more impressed with ability than titles. You're doing the job. I like Sgmchef's suggestion though.
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I agree with Kuan. As a tradesman, seek affirmation from partners within your trade. In the first couple of decades of work I felt the need for recognition from the guest and management. Lose yourself in teaching. It will ease the pain. Eventually those you taught will ring the bell for you. Good luck.
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It looks like everyone who cooks around here is a Chef. Your going to school and and working as a private Chef "OR" a private Cook. Then you're promoted to Head Chef co-ordinating 5 other Chefs in VIP houses.
Now to answer you question. The quality and success of the operation is your reward. You may not get the pats on the back but you should get recognition from your superiors that you're doing a good job. In most cases a Restaurant Chef will get their own feeling of success by running a good food and labor cost. They will also get a feeling of success about the quality of food being served. This isn't about getting pats on the back everyday. It's about getting self-satisfaction about the quality of job you do.........ChefBillyB
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