Not feeling TO EAT

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Sure, that's why I like to eat out a lot. Or else at home, I will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cereal. It's quick, easy, fast, and cool. A lot of cooks I know don't want to cook when they get home.
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Absolutely~That's one of the trade secrets.
After cooking all day I do not want to eat anything I make. I have Thai, Chinese, Veitnamese etc sauces, spices, equipment but would much rather go's not that their's is better it's just I'm not making it.
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Man, you ain't kiddin'. When people find out I can eat anything I want, tenderloin, shrimp,ect.. and that sometimes I just come home and have cereal they look at me as if I'm crazy, but hey sometimes I just want something simple, light, and coooooooool.
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i absolutely adore stuff that i wouldnt even bother cooking because i dont know the technique or the convenience product saves so much time.

I cannot get enough of chinese fried or soup noodles, real french patisserie (made with real butter not pastrex or margarine), or just basic tasty food well executed.

in a nutshell, as long as someone with a fairly good idea of what their doing cooks for me rather than myself.
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absolutely..I cater and when I'm getting ready for a big job it feels as if I hadn't eaten for days.( I make up for it on days off
After the job, when everyones sits down to get a bite, I'm right into the dishwashing. Can't even look at food.And when I owned a deli, I very seldom had any deli meats in the frig. When it was time to leave, bringing food home was the last thing on my mind.
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When I just got started in the buisness, I ate in site. Now usually I have to force myself to eat something, I eat because I know i have to. Funny thing is I still love food but I just can't eat anymore.......I always say though ..... the best food for me to eat is something, anything that someone else cooked.
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