Not an internship, but a job during culinary school.

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum, apologies if I posted this question in the wrong spot. I'm starting culinary school in January. I have roughly 4 years of cooking experience in restaurants/food trucks/dessert shops, spread out over 8 years. Anyways, I'm starting culinary school in January, and was offered line/prep cook positions at two very different establishments and I am freaking out over which one to choose.

The one I am at now, I am at now because they called me back first (I have been there for two weeks). This place is considered fine dining. Most of what we make is from scratch, but key components are brought in dry or frozen, which is kind of a bummer since I'm about to go to school and eager to learn how to make all this from scratch. I was promised a certain number of hours, but so far I have been wayyy shorted on hours, and they keep telling me I'll work more soon for the holiday season. The other place I've been offered a position, is a casual texas style bbq joint, offering nothing more than smoked meat and sides (bloody DELICIOUS meat though, I'll add). And is run by a very recognized and respected chef in this city.

Where I'm struggling, is trying to decide between staying at a fine dining place, which will challenge me more and likely teach me more in the way of technique (and prepare me better for shool), or to go with the bbq place with the celebrated chef and the advantage on my resume and potential connections that working for him would bring. I'm hoping some of you more experienced cooks and chefs out there might be able to lend some of your wisdom?

Thank you very much!

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