not allowed to listen to music, hat or hair net only

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I'm a line cook i always wear a bandana, now they say I can only wear a hat or hairnet. Also they took are music away yes no music allowed, I understand if its to loud keep it down but no music makes me work slower and get tired at night a lot easier. Any comments?
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The chef or owner can set whatever rules they want, as a line cook you should just abide by them I would suggest
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I guess you didn't read what I posted on "the other thread" when you posted the same question.

It's not about you, what you want, or works best for you.

Check your local heath auth. website, if they want hairnets or hats on all food handlers, then thats what they want. They won't come after you, but they will come after your employer, either with fines or demerit points. You personally don't factor in this equation, just your hair--or lack of it. Don't be a schmuck.

Both sounds and smells you can't ignore. You might like bluegrass or chinese opera, and have it playing all the time, and the guy next to you can't stand it and is running to the boss, sobbing " make it stop, puhleeese!!!"

Same theme as with the hats: Life isn 't all about you, nor does the world revolve around you only. We all got to get along, and that means everyone following the same basic rules.

Not what you wanted to hear, I know, but you heard it anyway.
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I didn't like wearing those godforsaken white paper chef hats for fifteen years but I did because most places that I worked it was part of the uniform.

When I came to work the ball cap came off, when I left it went back on, Simple.

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You wouldn't be allowed to listen to music in my kitchen either- open kitchen, too close to customers. Besides, I'm tired of Pitbull.


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Sellit, in the future please don't post the same comment to different threads or start multiple threads on the same topic.  I answered on the other thread where you posted your issue.
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Hmm....yeah, does seem to be a trend in here lately.... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif
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