Noob here looking for some input on sous vide vs. slow cooker for chicken breast

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I have very little cooking skill but need to be able to prepare basic meals to fuel my workouts. As you may know chicken breast is a staple in bodybuilding nutrition and I'm going to be eating a lot of it.

That said, I want to prepare it in a way that will be pleasurable to eat. I don't want to choke down dry chicken every day. I want moist, tender chicken that's easy to chew and swallow.

So at first I thought that slow cooking was the way to go, then I found out that most slow cookers cook at ~190 degrees F these days and thus end up over-cooking food. Then I started looking at sous vide which seems ideal, except for the fact that plastics are used and I feel a little uneasy about cooking with plastic bags, especially given that I'm going to be doing this a lot.

Where does that leave me? I'm not really sure. If you guys think that I can get what I'm looking for out of a slow cooker, then I'll go that direction. I have also read that it's possible to use a digital temperature controller to have more precise control over a slow cooker. If I had precise control over my slow cooker, is there anything inherently wrong with cooking my chicken around 145 degrees? I mean without putting it in a bag and submerging it in water.

Anyways, just looking for some input here. Thanks for any and all help!
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You didn't mention what you are using but try with the breasts with skin and bone still attached.
After cooking pull the skin off and blot whatever fat is clinging to the meat underneath.
You may want to add a bit of chicken stock but whenever I roast in mine there is always plenty of moisture in the skin that the end result is perfect.

I don't own a pressure cooker but if you search the archived threads there are quite a few members who swear by them.

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