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    I have baked a fruit cake (well, in name at least - the only fruit it contains is golden seedless raisins) each year during the holidays.  The recipe calls for it to be baked in a 10" tube pan, well greased and sprinkled with flour.  I learned years ago that it was very, very difficult to get the cake out of the pan (especially the part around the inner post that makes the hole in the center of the cake), so I started using an angel food cake pan with a removable inside piece.  This made it easier to remove the cake from the pan, but I still had the challenge of getting the cake loosened from the center post without having it split into pieces as I tried getting it off.

    The cake is extremely heavy.  It's made with 1 lb. butter, 1 lb. raisins, 1 lb. pecans, not to mention the eggs, sugar and flour.  Thus, its weight makes it difficult to deal with.

    Here are my questions.  I'm considering buying a one-piece, non-stick angel food cake pan (Calphalon?) and am wondering two things.  Should I prepare the pan by buttering and flouring it as the recipe says to do?  Does anyone have any experience removing a really dense, heavy cake from a non-stick tube pan?  If so, does the cake come out of the pan easily?

    Any recommendations on specific pans that are known to work well would be welcome.  Thanks!