Non-shared kitchen rental service

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I am planning to open a kitchen rental business but was wondering if it would be more profitable to eliminate the sharing of equipment?  1 kitchen per company
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What do your target renters/lessees want? If you can sign lease(s) for 3+ years with full time, established culinary businesses, go for it, if not, it is probably go broke. ;)

If I need a kitchen for 8 hours a week, I surely do not want to pay rent for the other six days!

If I need a kitchen to, say, bake bread, I don't want to pay rent on a 60" griddle, deep fat fryers, and a 10 eye range!

Look to the common things, i.e. dish and ware-washing, dry storage with separate lockable areas/sections, restrooms and changing areas with lockers, walk-in refrigeration/freezers with lockable shelves/section, receiving area(s), shipping area(s). Do you really want separate facilities for each kitchen?

If your target renter/lessee is a less than full time user, you are going to have to consider shared facilities and, to me, that means the equipment you choose will not meet the needs of every potential renter/lessee.

If your renter/lessee is a longer term, full time user, consider a "bare-bones" kitchen with utilities, i.e. gas, water, electricity, sewer, triple sink and hand washing facilities (required in all jurisdictions that I'm familiar with), ventilation hood and ANSUL system so the renter/lessee can install the equipment they need for their business.

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