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    so somehow i have this obsession with making non bake cheesecake because i dont have a baking oven at home. I tried making strawberry cheesecake once, last year, the outcomes are fine, the taste is good but it takes too long to for the cake to turn into solid form, almost a few days if im not wrong. I think got the recipe from the onepotchefshow on youtube, but i do have some questions:
    1. Is the lemon juice compulsory?
    2. Is there a way I can bake a less watery cheesecake without gelatin?
    3. How long does the cake take to solidify without gelatin? Does gelatin quicken the process?
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    Here is the link as Ven is new and most likely tried but as we all know a first timer cannot do this....

    IMO the one pot Chef is quite friendly and his cheesecake recipe is an homage to his dearly departed mum.

    The recipe is simple and easy to follow...not fussy at all, with the ingredients available (probably) at any store located in the four corners of the free world (and some not so free /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif  )

    I don't think you have to use lemon juice as there are no eggs in the ingredient list (the acidic nature of the lemon would "cook" the eggs and provide structure)

    You will, however need to use the same amt of liquid as the juice (1/2 cup).

    So you can use a nice soft liqueur (amaretto comes to mind) instead, but you will need to use one that needs no heat to burn off whatever alcohol may be present.

    Likewise if your booze is at all too strong (1/2 cup is quite a large amt considering the total amt of the other ingredients) water it down with something.

    If no booze or juice, add whole milk or water or even cream and a bit of flavoring to your liking.

    I use a lot of flavoring oils as it takes just drops to get a great flavor (I trust and like LorAn products) and have a pantry full of them.

    Gelatin is not an ingredient I am overly fond of (re I rarely get it right and frequently have little rubber balls throughout my dishes /img/vbsmilies/smilies/blushing.gif  ) so I'll leave that part for someone else lol. 

    Anyway, welcome to CT...hope you can get a good tip or two from my post.


    Good grief. Prime example of my easily distracted nature and the importance of proofreading.

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    I've never done a no-bake cheesecake. I watched the Cook's Illustrated crew do it on their Cook's Country PBS program. They used gelatin to give it the proper firmness. I suspect the lemon juice of doing more than thickening eggs and providing the proper tang to the dish.   You'll need a membership to see the recipe though.  claims to be a slight variation on the dish.
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    This is not going to go over well I'm sure but.. The easiest and quickest way to make a no bake cheesecake that is also tasty is to whip cream cheese, add powdered sugar and flavoring (I like almond and vanilla or lemon juice but you can add anything), fold in a tub of Cool Whip (it's way more stable than whipped cream) and pour into a graham crust that you've prebaked and cooled. Let it sit in the fridge and it's ready in an hour, maybe less.
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    I have a recipe that is non bake is have gelatine in it thought if you would like I can pass it on.
    It will set reasonably fast if you fold it with all your ingredients cooled. And placed in a freezer covered for the first hour.

    As to flipflopgirl.. I suggest when dissolving gelatine you must have a hot liquid for it to dissolve into.
    The gelatine must be soaked properly. (Ie) when placing into iced water you out one by one ensuring that they don't stick. And lastly always strain!!!
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    I do the cream cheese/cool whip thing too. I don't bake the graham crust, just melt the butter in a pie plate in the microwave then mix the crumbs in and pack.  You can put prepared cherry or berry pie filling in the bottom them frost with the cheese mixture. It doesn't have the density of a real cheesecake but it really is good and fast enough for a last minute need.