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    let's say you're the type who collects 50's pulp novels for the lurid cover art -and secretly reads them. (like me.)
    well then.

    got another pile of old cookbooks over the last few weeks at garage sales and such. and there it was. pristine. glistening. mercifully unused.
    i present to you the winner of the very first, very coveted

    'Most for the Money Main Dishes' Campbells, 1975.

    this collection shows every sign of having been one of Steven Kings early 'nom de plume' efforts. certainly Ed Gein headed up the tasting panel. specialities of the house include 'Cowpoke Cassoulet' 'Saucy Liver Strips' 'Tiajuana Pork Chops' (theres the beginning of a really politically incorrect joke...) 'Fanciful Franks' 'Big Bean Bonanza' and 'Tallyho Meatballs' which one could be lead to assume might be made out of beagles.

    Most older books put out by food companies usually contain a few atrocities, but this one averages one major offense against humanity every four entries-those intervening in themselves ranking as gross crimes and misdemeanors.

    if you're the type of person who can recite the lines of 'Glen or Glenda?' along with the actors, if you consider yourself an auteur of the 'Japanese Monster Cinema' genre, if you watched every episode of 'Me and the Chimp' and remember the actors names, then honey, YOU NEED THIS BOOK NOW.

    whats the worst cookbook you own? throw out a name. YOUR nominee could be the next winner of the prestigious Brown Star of Shame! :bounce:

    (don't get your hopes up, bucko. it's not a real contest. all you 'win' is maybe an entry where someone says 'wow, that sounds really sucky' or 'that wins the brown star of shame for sure' or something. peace out.) :smokin
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    I found this book at a gargae sale many years ago and I had to have it. It was one of those small pamphlet types that companies give out. It was from the early 60's and had a drawing of a woman on the cover holding a cake. The title was something like "Cakes that men like"! Or soups, main dishes etc, that men like.
    I had to have it! Very John Waters-ish
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    I don't actually have it, but my sister-in-law has a Passover cookbook with "ideas" for using matzo- most if it involves soaking it in warm water before flattening it, wringing it out, pureeing it, etc.

    I got to pick a few of my mom's cookbooks when I left home years ago. I left behind the one that had the recipe for "Cucumber Mold" and some abominable gelatin-based "salads".

    Where's that link to the hellacious '50s cookbooks???? Was it this ? Wait! This was it!!!