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NOLA, one of Emeril's restraunts in New Orleans, was worth the trip from Baton Rouge.

Food was great, service excellent & friendly. It was a little on the noisy side.

The neatest thing (I've never seen this before.) There was a six-top next to our table. As each course came out, 4 waitstaff placed all six plates on the table at exactly the same time, no fuss made, done very quietly without the normal "OK, who ordered the red fish on a cedar plank ??"

My lady-friend and I had 4 waitstaff taking care of us. They were non-intrusive, knew their products, and acted like they wanted us to have a great 2 1/2 hours.

... and the 20 yr. old Porto was a great finish!

... from the Bayou
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I went last week and had the pleasure of interviewing the pastry chef too! Joe Trull has been with the restaurant for some time and along with the homey desserts he and his staff are responsible for all of the breads and several components of items on the menu.
His wife owns Elizabeths, great place for breakfast and lunch.
I had a great time at the resteraunt,great martini. But a caution on the food, the portions are quite large (huge) and very rich. We could have shared an app. and each had an entree and dessert.
The wait staff is way on top of things and the wine list is a novel, it is 37 pages long. :eek:
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