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Before i leave the city I thought I would post a quick thread on my weekend.

Arrived Saturday afternoon and went to my sil place,had some monchego,morbrillo and procuitto. Olives of course and frozen Kettle One.

Off we went to Noche,I started with a mojito and Jill and Janice had Caiprinia.
We shared some apps ofgrilled baby octopus with olives thai basil,potato and tomato confit. ( it was excellent,although I wouldn't call the tomatoes a confit) there we're simply over roasted, but all the flavors melled well and the octopus was very tender.

We also shared Grilled skewered "anticuchos"(beef,shrimp and chorizo sausage with chimichurra. Rare beef,crispy shrimp and spicy sausage, well done all in all ( I forgot we had quac with chips and salsa with plantians as we had our first cocktail)

For dinner I had the roast suckling pig with a sweet garlic glaze,4 hour braised shoulder,butt and ribs and topped with crackling, I had yucca frita with it.
Jill had the braised short ribs with sweet corn arepas,bitter greens,cabrales chees and cherry tomatoes. Excellent deep beefy flavor and the sweet corn arepas was delicious.

Janice had the braised pork shank with sweet plantians and garlic-oregano mojo. Huge,crisp outside and so tender inside.
We polished off a few more drinks and then went to see a premier of " movin out"at the richard rogers theater. This was conceived by Twyla tharp and all music and lyrics by Billy joel. This was an outstanding production with some of the most amazing dancing i've ever seen as well as a live band suspended over the stage playing 24 of Joels tunes. It was mostly about brenda and Eddie. I highly recommend it,it's an easy,fairly light although powerfully danced and the music is flawless.
They finished with "New york state of mind" which bought a standing ovation.

Off to Blue fin for more cocktails.
I have to catch the train...I'll finish later
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Thanks! I've read reviews, but it's so much better to hear from someone whose taste I know I can trust. ;)

And what did you think of Blue Fin? Paul and I ate there once for an early dinner, when we did 2 shows in 1 day. The food and drink were excellent, but the service was abysmal. So I'm not sure what to tell people about it.
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We only had a couple cocktails at Blue Fin.

There house drink of rum,lime (I think) and a blue concotion of congnac and fruit juices. It was very tasty (for $10 a pop it better be)

The place itself was very cool and trendy,but the bar tender was a bit into himself ;)

But the sushi platters I saw we're quite impressive.

On the walk home we stopped at the Hudson hotel around the corner from the new times warner-aol building.
This is one of Ian Shragers places,it was like no other hotel i've seen. Brick,dark wood,long candle lite hallways,Dom by the glass,outdoor terrece with huge sun beds and pillows all over the place,you just kind of lean back and relax.This is a place to see because it's hard to put into words.

Then we went home and crashed, today we went to the all state cafe for brunch....This is a dive worth the wait.

Then we hopped on the subway and headed downtown to check out the new opened yesterday,but I can't really talk about it on cheftalk ;) Had a great drink at Dos cominoes then headed back to the west side,walked through central park and hit the train back home.

I should note that Noche is not the best restaurant in the city, is owned by Dave Amil (windows of the world) and waldy malouf is involved and Michael Lamonoco is consulting chef.

60 employee's of Noche are from the world trade center. Also, it's nice to have a decent restaurant around broadway.
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As if there weren't enough reasons to return to NYC! Your prose was so descriptive.... yummers. Thanks for an expert view of what I've read is a an interesting place.
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