no school..but in the food industry for 25years

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im wounderin how do i get my red seal??????can i challenge?????been in the food industry for 25years now...cookin,managing and so on...what u suggest i do...never went to school ...
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Dennis acknowledges that navigating the ins and outs of certification can sometimes be tricky, especially since there is more than one way to achieve the desired result.

“Some choose to complete a formal apprenticeship (which consists of 5,000 hours of work experience over three years, in combination with three six-week blocks of technical training) before writing the "Red Seal" exam. Others, who have been in the industry for a long while (8,000 hours), but have not served a formal apprenticeship, may challenge the exam. If they pass they’ll receive their Red Seal designation, but won’t receive the Apprenticeship Certification,” says Dennis, who notes that obtaining the Red Seal is a worthwhile endeavor.
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Does the Red Seal mean anything?

I was a 'Certified Culinarian' for a while with the ACF down here in the USA, but I let it lapse. The meeting I went to was fun, but the local chapter usually held them too far away for me. The ACF magazine I got was pretty cool too. Other then that, it didn't seem like much benefit for the dues.

Seems like a 25 year resume would speak for its self, n'est ce pas?
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The Red Seal allows qualified tradespeople to practise their trade in any province or territory without having to write additional examinations, thus improving labour mobility in Canada and saving time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple examinations.   

Different provinces have different requirements for the trades. The Red Seal means you meet the most stringent, and are therefore able to work in any province.
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I've been called "certifiable" by numerous people many different times. Does that at all count for anything? 

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