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Hey so I'm a bit stuck on this.

I love cooking and food and the way good cooks can actually create something mouthwatering is amazing but im also a lazy fuckwit (are swears okay here?) so i've got no idea where to start: cooking lessons in the city, books at home, cullinary schools, just work me ass off etc.

I have worked at 'restaurants' before but i dont besides knowing i love the stress and activity of a full kitchen on a busy day i dont think mcdonalds is gonna help me out here.

Any advice, also i dont really know where to put this thread so feel free to move it

Ps. Feel free to verbally cut my head off, i know im trash at this point, which is why i wanna improve
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If you live in a big city its pretty easy to find cheep or free cooking courses. Youtube is nice as well and its FREE! Find something you're interested in then Google it. Buy ingredients and try it out.... At the end of the day its practice practice practice 
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Welcome to Cheftalk.  Think of something specific and go to food and cooking and start a thread.  You can also use the search feature on the site,  You will find a lot of help here.

(are swears okay here?) The best guide line for this is to use language you would use in a nice dining room when you are with your grandmother and a four year old.

i know im trash at this point  We are all Gods creations and he did not create any trash.  You are not trash.


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@Jimyra   swears are absolutely frowned on. Stated so in the forum guidelines. Thanks.

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