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This past Saturday I prepared and served a buffet for our local Sportsman's club.
In years past the dinner was cooked by members but because of various circumstances none of them were available this year.
The person in charge was frantic and found me on Facebook.
I was handed the main ingredient list but no menu. (Smirk here.)
I more or less created the menu from the ingredients listed. There was ham roll ups, shrimp cocktail, layered Taco dip, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, Rumaki, and a cheese tray. Dinner was hand carved prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and cake.
This was an easy party, but the insane part was the shear amount of food leftover.
No guarantee.
225 tickets sold,
146 showed.
I cooked 11 ribeyes and had 6 leftover. I had obscene amounts of shrimp, cheeses, sauces, deviled eggs ect. leftover.
The ingredient list itself was so overblown that had I not mentioned this to the purchaser, and made adjustments the amount would have been more.

Now back to the story. Apparently I blew these people away.
Mind you this is the same, exact menu they have been preparing for years.
I got a standing ovation and people coming up to me to say that's the best prime rib they ever had in the 34 years of this dinner. begs the question what were they eating before?
They paid me, but expected my helper to donate her time. Yeah right, like I'm going to ask someone to bust their ass to prep, serve, and clean up a banquet for free.
Fund raiser or not the kitchen crew should be compensated. So I did the right thing and shared my pay with the one person who helped me. Yup just me and my friend for 146 people buffet.
No big me.

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