No Bake Cheesecake: Recipe Adjustments

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Hi all,

I have a no bake cheesecake recipe that worked really well for me the first time I made it. I have a couple questions though, really curious to hear some thoughts!

1. The recipe I utilized cream cheese, sugar, and heavy cream. Cream cheese was mixed with the sugar, the heavy cream was whipped in a separate bowl, and then the two mixtures were combined. What might be the reason for this? If I add the heavy cream to the cream cheese mixture directly and then whip it (without using a separate bowl), will the cheesecake still set properly? Just curious as this saves me a bowl, and can be helpful in making a last minute dessert!

2. Is it possible to over mix this batter? The recipe said to whip the heavy cream to soft peaks, but what might happen if I whip it to stiff peaks instead (or basically just before turning into butter)? The recipe mentioned adding more cream or milk if it gets too thick, but I definitely don’t have any issue with the mixture being more thick if it makes the final product more firm.

3. Will the cheesecake still set/hold if I add in some chocolate chips, or candy bar pieces, etc?

Thanks so much!!


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The cream won't whip up well if mixed with the other ingredients first. The whipped cream is giving you some volume, texture and structure that unwhipped cream won't have. Soft peaks is more stable for combining with the other ingredients. Stiff peaks is more likely to break and deflate imho.

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