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Anyone care about who will be our next president? John Mcain seems like a good possibility. Last election I was very disgusted by the choices so I din't vote. Terrible I know, but that is what I did.
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Al Franken wrote a funny book "Why Not Me?". He runs and wins over Gore on one issue, ATM fees. A total fiasco ensues.


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Anyone see Larry King the night he had Ambassador Duke on his show. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat! He'd be the greatest president the US has had in years! (By the way he is a smoking, womanizing, pro gun computer animated creation. One of the funniest things Larry has ever done. After Duke's interview Larry actually got a whole panel of polical anaylists together to discuss how great duke was) But really, I am so disgusted by the choices we have had in the last few years. It is time for a change, time to destroy the old parties who are into this for their own gain only. The GOP and the Dems need to be disbanded or at the very least reorganized. Anyone who believes that our government is for the people any more is fooling themselves. Our two party system is flawed big time. They are secure in the fact they they will be in power the only question is will they be number 1 or 2. They don't care about the common man, they care about the lobbists and the corportations who support them. They have no fear, because they are the only game in town. Give some power to a few more parties and I think you would see a whole new government more concerned about the people who vote them into office, us, the common man/woman. Thanks for letting me rave!

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