Next life what you want?

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World peace, global economic stability, no pollution of any kind/anywhere,

and last but certainly not least, to be able to eat whatever

I would/like and not get fat or have it affect my health in anyway.
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to come back as my dog...she has a private chef and personal baker, a chauffeur, a hairdresser/groomer, a masseuse, a personal trainer,pedicurist and 4 beds!....or a really good jazz singer, with a name like Veronique! or a really good fiddle player...

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I long ago decided that in my next life I'm gonna be a TV weatherman. Got to be the most perfect job. Among the benefits:

1. You only "work" about three hours a day for high pay.

2. You never, ever, have to be right. Indeed, I something think that's a detriment.

3. They buy you all sorts of very expensive equipment and computer programs, none of which you actually have to understand. But they're fun to brag on.

4. Did I mention you get paid for being wrong.

Only job I know that comes even close is being a professional baseball player. How many people with real jobs think they could be a hero with 30% productivity?
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I want to write 3 best selling novels by the time I'm 25, then retire to an island beach somewhere, drinking good port wine (not tawny) & piňa colardas (and not getting fat, of course)  I'll have all my hair and teeth well into old age, with no arthritis or any other health issues.   If I feel like it, I can write other novels.  If not, I can just be an happy islander.  Did  I mention I would surf?
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IndyGal ~

Did the island beach thing once...

I would highly recommend it!! 

But, yea, need alot of $$$$$


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