Newly wed looking for cooking tips

Joined Feb 6, 2010
Hi everyone! I have just gotten hitched last Christmas! My hubby's a foodie but unfortunately, I'm not a good cook. I have joined this forum to try to learn some food preparation magic! :)
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Hello Kesha and welcome to Chef Talk. Congratulations on your marriage!

Since you're looking for help getting started in the kitchen, you can trust the other home cooks and the professionals here for insights and advice. Whether you can boil water or not, we can help. Most of us prefer to use fresh ingredients rather than processed foods (such as seasoning packets or mixes) so this is the best site for learning to work with simple, fresh ingredients.

Are there any particular ingredients or styles of cooking you want to start with? When you're ready, you can post your questions in the appropriate general forum. While home cooks like you and I can browse in the professionals' forums, we're asked to consider them "read-only". They do read the general forums too, so you will have the benefit of their advice as well.

Good luck in your quest. Let us know how we can help.
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