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    I am Juanita. I have been in the food service industry for about 9 years. I just came across this site and figured I would give it try. I love what I do. Nothing like being in the kitchen. Always trying to learn new things. I am really excited about the site. Seems to bring a lot of experienced and knowledgeable people together. I don't think there has been one day in the last 9 years that I haven't learned something new. I am still very far from where I see myself in the future. There are so many things I still want to learn, understand, and do. Look forward to being a part of some of the great conversations that take place on here. I have so many questions and so many things I would like to know. Do research on my own can be overwhelming at times. 
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    Hey welcome! Glad you joined our little world of cyberspace. I think you will find many people here with similar experiences that will help you move forward to the next level. We also really encourage members to share their photos, tricks of the trade (post a how-to article) so join in.