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Hi everyone !

I've been reading posts on cheftalk forum for quite a long time, and I decided to register has a member.

I'm an amateur living in Paris (France) who cooks for his family at home. 

Cooking has been a tradition in my family, every one love cooking a sharing a good meal at home, every day or more specifically during family meetings.

See you soon on cheftalk forums !


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Welcome to ChefTalk. Paris is one of my favorite cities and I would find it hard to cook at home living in a city with so many amazing restaurants. What type of cuisine to favor when you cook at home? French, Asian, Vegetarian?
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Thanks a lot for your message :) 

In fact, in Paris I would say that a good 80% of restaurants are subpar. I can not count how many times I exit a restaurant saying to myself "damn, it was way below what I cook at home".

The other 20% of restaurant are, you're true, just amazing, but are also very expensive (at least 80€ per person, that should be close to 90$, 95$ depending of the rate, excluding wine), not to say that they should be booked at least two weeks ahead, making cooking at home a very good alternative for people that enjoy good food, without the budget to go eating outside every night.

At home, I generally cook asian dishes during the week, as they represents what I truly enjoy cooking (some prep work, requires attention to temperature, very tasty and all in all, quite quick to produce and have to advange to make the kids enjoy vegetables !), and traditionnal french recipes during the week end, where you can spend 6 hours slow cooking a beef tail for example. (French veal stew is my wife's favorite, the secret weapon of my armory !)

My personnal objective is to combine the precision and delicacy of asian food with our national recipes. To be honest, I don't have the cooking level to achieve this at the moment, but I would enjoy that a lot ! 

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