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Hi everyone,

Just a short blurb on me, look forward to meeting more people on here.

I graduated from culinary school 5 years ago, after being an at home mum. My children have since flown the coop. Currently I do private chef work in very high end luxury properties, here in NZ. I got the job while i was at the culinary school from one of the tutors who trained me, I worked along side of him for 2 years, and then he decided to leave, i therefore took the head chef role. Being absolutely terrified, I took on the challenge and 4 seasons later Im still here. I have learnt so much along the way, and a very lonely road, while still maintaining that high standard and learning to roll with how this private catering works, as no 2 jobs are the same. I have done plenty of research, research and more research. Im not the greatest in thinking of shit hot dishes on the spot, but over time i can bring them together. Along with every other challenge, I now have a young chef under me whom Im teaching to this level, its been draining and has tested me to my limits at times.

Im very passionate about my work and as a lot of our guests say they see that in my food that I present.
I work for amazing owners and have the freedom to use any ingredient I so wish to use.

Have an amazing day.
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smitties009 smitties009 sounds nice having an empty nest.
I keep pushing my last birdie out (fly! fly!) but she must have an elastic band somewhere because she keeps coming back lol.
Sounds like a great career you have going....lots of experience to share here on Chef Talk.
I want to welcome you to the site and point out the pro catering forum is always looking for fresh advice.
CT has many active members who are young in years (as well as young to the biz)...maybe your protégé would find the site useful as well (nothing quite as nice as a membership push so early in the morning, right?).
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