Newbie looking for the correct start :)

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I'm kind of a newbie (aka i barely cook at all) and I want to get started into cooking and eating well. I was hoping I would be able to find some links to some forums.

Cheftalk looks nicely set up and appears to be traveled by many the online wanderer ;). Are there more cooking forums that are traveled as well? Please let me know, I kind of want to dive in.

Also, are there some good sites for beginners such as myself? I really know very little about cooking and I'm guessing the best way to learn is through experience (i imagine it can get pricey).

Please let me know any information you're willing to give as far as getting into cooking as a hobby.

Thanks :)
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Zaki, welcome to ChefTalk! There are members of our little community that span the porverbial experience spectrum. A good place to start may be in the Cook's Corner, just to see what the 'hot' topics are. Culinary Students is also an excellent forum to see what is happening for some newbies, like yourself.
The web is smorgasbord of cooking resources. I would suggest you surf around and see what you uncover. Some 'net portals are specifically geared for cooking, as well.
Welcome to the neighborhood. Looking forward to your input,
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Welcome to Chef Talk, zakiu. This site is good for beginners, experienced cooks and pros- just cruise through the forums and enjoy. Don't overlook the archives, as they are full of basic and often-requested information.

I've visited a number of other cooking sites, and have found this to be friendly and open to everyone seeking to expand his/her knowledge of all things culinary.
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thanks for the welcome :) i'm looking forward to learning a lot this year, as i'm finally in an apartment where i have a useable kitchen and not at home anymore or in a college dorm room :)


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Welcome to Chef Talk Zaki!

You should visit your library and / or bookstore and get a few cookbooks. If you stop by the Book Shelf you'll find many suggestions.

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