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Hi Guys,

I am an owner/operator of a fast casual fresh/mex restaurant. My place is not a franchise and there is only one location. Maybe more someday... We have been open about 2 years now and are kind of settling in. I've been in Food and Bev since I was 14 (46 now), but a great deal of my experience was front of house. I often find myself having "Chef" type questions with no one to turn to. I have learned not to ask my suppliers these questions as the answer is inevitably whatever they are selling. :look: I found this forum doing a cooking oil search and I thought maybe I could lean on you guys for some answers and possibly offer any insight I might have gained along the way. We'll see how it goes, eh? Thanks in advance for the opportunity to participate in your online community here.
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Howdy, Burrito Bandito, and welcome to Chef Talk.

You mentioned that you're looking for somewhere to ask "chef" questions without the interference of a profit motive. This is the place! We have a good number of owner-operators here, plenty of small businesses with similar questions and problems to be solved. Since we don't allow commercial solicitation within the forums, you can feel easy about asking questions.

Have a look around- don't miss the cooking articles, photo gallery and so forth. The search tool can help you dig into the decade or so of forum posts.

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