Newbie in Peoria, Arizona

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Hi All,

I am new here and am just in the start-up phase of my business. I was happy to find this forum.


Fudge Lady
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

Whilst fudge is considered an English confectionery, we in Scotland have our own version called Tablet!  It's more grainy than English-styled fudges, but we consider it superior!

I hope you will enjoy interacting with our membership, which is drawn from around the globe - and from all levels of culinary skills.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  We would just point out that the professional fora here are read-only for those who are not currently working in a culinary trade (but they still make interesting reading!)

The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and phtographs on the site are well worth you spending time to review -and give much inspiration, too!

Hope to see you around the boards!

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