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    Hi everyone! Going to get some help and advice here.

    I'm not a professional. I mostly cook at home for my family, but have played the occasional chef/caterer for friends. I'd say I haven't prepared a spread for more than 12-15 people.
    I was recently asked if I could cater for a retirement ceremony of 60 heads. Three client wants me to prepare Hawaiian cuisine (which is my specialty) that includes:
    kalua pork with cabbage
    Slider Loco mocos (rice, beef patty, over easy egg with gravy)
    Hawaiian style macaroni salad

    The Kalua pig and mac salad aren't an issue. The Loco mocos however, I'm not sure what I can do for that for 60 people. The over easy egg is what makes the dish.

    Has anyone had experience with this kind of thing? Any advice is appreciated!