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My husband & I own a small cafe & catering business.Our cafe is open for breakfast & lunch. We cater....always. We have a small kitchen but we have made it very efficient. We have both been in the restaurant business since 1980. We met while attending chef's training & hotel restaurant business management. We have worked together for 18 years.  My husband is a baker & I do the cooking. Our kitchen is unique as we don't have a deep fryer, charbroiler or flat top grill. We have 2 portable gas propane burners, 2 convection ovens, a trunyan kettle , a walk-in cooler & a reach in freezer. Pretty limited space. The cafe is open 8-3 pm m-f.  We own alot of catering equipment. Our average is 30-50 people for lunches although we do large groups from 600 to 1200(average 4 per year) We have 5 partime employees. Larger groups we hire out contract labor.                 In the cafe we have a limited menu. A few breakfast options, table top grilled wraps, salads, salad bar & homemade soups. We are always looking for fresh & different ideas.  We have had our busines  for the past 8 years.  Both of our past experience has been in hotel/restaurant as well as private clubs.     There have been some real challenges to our current kitchen to say the least.         All we have done our lives is work long days & nights in this business. 10 years ago we adopted a baby girl & we enjoy most nights at home now. 
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

Goodness, you have busy lives!  Sounds like a real challenge.

The membership here is wide - both geographically and in terms of experience. The wikis, blogs, photographs, articles and reviews will inspire anyone  - and I hope you can make some time to have a look at some of them.

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.  We like to get the views from the perspective of newcomers, it keeps our site fresh!

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