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Hello to all of you out there in 'netland,

Just to say hello - new to the boards here, they look very good indeed from what I've seen...

A little about me - 31 now, have worked all my life in the strange world of the music business however I'm getting very itchy feet now for a new challange. I'm a pretty good home cook with many different meals and cuisines successfully tried out at home...

I've come up with a pretty good business idea that I'm looking hard into now - to do with cooking of course! - I'm looking around for quick entry level courses in London to get me started out on professional cooking techniques etc while looking into my idea...

Anyway - if anyone has any hints, tips, advice about starting out in the professional cooking / catering business then I'd be really grateful for your advice. And no I wont be giving away much of the idea on here!

So - thanks for such a great board, looking forward to posting and reading on here a lot.


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Welcome to Chef Talk, Autogrant. You'll want to hang out in the Culinary Students' forum and some of the other ones for the pros where you can learn a lot and ask questions to your heart's delight.

We're glad to have you with us.
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Hi autogrant, ive friends in the music biz too, my mate jeff was tour manager for Happy Mondays,New Order & had a lot to do with the Manics in their early days. We all used to drink with Primal Scream in Brighton.

Whats your idea.
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