Newbie, ex-Montrealer!!!!!!

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Hi everyone, Im a newbie here, stumbled on this website by accident, I'm so glad I've found it too. What can say, I love cooking and eating. I'm not a professional chef, but I work in a field closely related to cooking, I'm a chemist by profession. I hope to hang out here on a regular basis, and look forward to "hangin'" out with you guys.
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Hello 84Rhonda,

Welcome to Cheftalk. I got here by accident as well.

I look forward to your postings.

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I was reading the warm welcome and wondered who the heck is RHONDA? hahaha LOL. Then I realized that's what people think my name is when they see my sig. Here's a bit about me and I'll try and clarify my nickname. I'm a 27 yr old male, I go by the name of Binh. I lived in Quebec city for roughly 8 yrs, then moved to Calgary to learn english, then I moved back to Quebec city, then eventually found my way to Montreal which I still consider my home. After University, I moved to Sarnia, Ontario for a job at Bayer as a chemist. As for my handle, I'm a huge Formula 1 racing fan and my fav team is British American Racing HONDA. So, that's the jest of my nick B.A.R HONDA :)
I'm a food network junkie and have built an extensive arsenal in the kitchen. most of my guy friends just don't get it. :(
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Thanks for the insight 84rhonda.

Nice to have you with us. I must say we have truley developed a large array of friends from Canada.
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So what kind of potions do you whip up in your lab?


Very nice to have you here.
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Welcome, from another ex-Montrealer! I think you'll find lots of manly men on this board to share your obession with. Enjoy!
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Welcome 84rhonda:

I stumbled onto this site by accident as well. You will like it here.

So tell us. Have you had more disasters in the lab or in the kitchen????? My only lab experience was with some phosphorus in high school. It wasn't pretty....

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Welcome to ChefTalk Honda!!! I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I am assuming we'll be able to come to you with all out cooking chemistry questions?
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Jay LOL hahaha, I've also gained quite the
"word" of mouth here at work. Some people are still talking about my last dinner party.
I've become quite a hit with the women at work.

Hi Linda , wow everyone here seems so nice and genuine, it's quite a refreshing change from the other boards I visit. I've had more cooking disaster in my kitchen then in my lab, thank god, cuz if it was at work, I would evacuate the building :p

The worst cooking disaster I've had so far was trying to make chocolate molds out of a balloon. My goal this year is to learn how to make "3D desserts" to impress my guests. I picked up this fantastic book called "The professional pastry chef", shows all the advanced techniques. Excellent book. I highly recommend it if you're interested in sugar work and 3D decorations.

Anyhow, back to my balloons. The chocolate was melted and slightly warm, the balloons were blown up to my desired size, dipped the balloon in the hot chocolate, then

WHAMBAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek:

Chocolate all over the walls. So to make a long story short, I replaced the chocolate molds with waffle molds and laughed all might about my experiment. I later found out in my pasrty book that you have to "shop" around for the perfect balloon.

Hey NANCYA, funny you should talk chem and food, there's this book I saw a while ago could never find it again, but they explained every single chemical reaction that happens in cooking. It was pretty neat.
I wish I knew the author. :confused:

I also hope to answer anybody's vietnamese/asian food questions for I am of the asian persuasion. ;)
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Hello 84RHONDA!

Welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe!

I am looking forward to your postings!


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