NewB from North FL

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Wow, Now I'm a member of yet another forum!:D

I'm a Chef and Commercial foods teacher in Jacksonville FL. I've been cooking for over 20 years and teaching for only 4. I teach at the Secondary School level.
I learned about the forum during the recent FENI Conference (thanks JIM).
A Quick explaination on the Screen Name. I also fly Kites Professionally (Yeah that is weird, isn't it)
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Hi Kiterchef,

Welcome to Cheftalk,

Glad you found us and met Jim.

When I go to the Cape in the summer, I go to the outer beach in orleans and fly kites. It was there that I relized the power of the wind and a quality kite (felt as if I was going to be lifted off the ground).

These days after getting a kite off the ground I tie it to my beach chair and watch it flutter in the afternoon wind while I dispose of some local wine.
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