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    Hi guys, i am new to the forum.


    I work as a director of a catering equipment company by day and by night a Master-Chef fanatic and a try anything home cook.


    I hope to get some insights into some successful commercial dishes and pick up tricks to amaze the family.
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    Cook At Home
    Welcome to Chef Talk!

    There certainly is a good deal of information here, but the best part of this community is the opportunity to interact with the members. We hail from just about everywhere on the planet, affording everyone the chance to learn about dishes, ingredients, methods and recipes we might not otherwise ever have a chance to encounter. While all discussion forums are open for everyone to read, the professional forums are "read only" for those of us who are not professional chefs. We do our posting in the general forums where everyone posts. 

    Besides the discussion forums, we have excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. Taking some time to explore the entire site will pay off well. 

    Are there particular cuisines, dishes, ingredients or methods you'd like to learn more about? Are there some at which you shine? We hope you'll share your knowledge and be enriched by what you learn here.