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    Brian and I are going to the NYC in March for his birthday, and I'm making my list of restaurants and foodie destinations that we must go to. I haven't been back for 13 years so much has changed; Brian's never been. As usual, we have rented a ( studio) place, and plan to be cooking in for a few meals. We are planning one very special night out ( hopefully Per Se if we can get in), the rest of our dining will be mid-lower price ranges( for Manhatttan). Cheap is great if the food is excellent. Here's my list so far:

    The GreenMarket
    Maybe Fulton Fish market ( just to see )

    One Mario Batali restaurant
    One amazing noodle place ( maybe Momofuku counts? )
    Real Bagels
    Real Jewish deli

    Any suggestions for any of the above, and/or other places we can't miss would be greatly appreciated!


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    Good Evening,

    Babbo, Mario Batali´s oldest restaurant is sure to please. His lasagne Bolognese is absolutely divine. He had learnt to perfect his family recipe in Bologna, Emilia Romagna ... I was sitting at the next table, while he,  his Kitchen Staff and partner were lunching prior to opening his Restaurant in the Meat Packing Section of Manhattan, Del Posto ...

    I have not been to the others that are mentioned.

    March 2012 or 2013 ? Is this an old thread ?

    Kind regards.

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    I just got back from NYC, this is part of a trip report I did, see if it helps.

    We left Pearson Airport in Toronto 4 hrs late because of Thunder storms in NYC, all planes were gounded at all airports. We were lucky to get out of Toronto when we did at 12 PM. We got to La Guardia at about 2:30, I had reservations at Peter Lugers at 3:45. I knew I couldn't get to my hotel, get checked in and the get over to the Bronx in a hour. I called Peter Lugers, told them what I wanted to do, they said Come on over, we will take care of your luggage. When I came into the restaurant I walked over to the lady that I talked with. They took our luggage and she told some one to seat us. We didn't eat breakfast so we were ready for what Peter Lugers is know for. this is what Peter Lugers is know for.. Dry aged Poterhouse steak. from PL's web site shows what they offer
    This is what we started with Ceasar Salad good and fresh.

    Our Steak , cooked to perfection, nice outside seasoned crust, melt in your mouth tender.

    Mollie said I'll have more please:

    We had the Creamed spinach and french fries. The french fried were hand cut, hot, thick, crispy and good. the creamed spinach was good Rolls and butter couldn't ask for any better. This meal was what I was waiting for, Mollie loved it, Joyce said it was great. The waiter did a great job, thanks to everyone at Peter Lugers for making this happen.

    After the tour we went to Eds Lobster, we started with a fried clam appetizer. this was Joyces first fried clam, she was hooked. These were some of the better ones I have had.

    We both had Maine Lobster, with great hand cut fries with sea salt and cole slaw.

    This was a end to a great day, NYC is a great city. I even founa good Knish while I was there.

    We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers on 7th ave and 53rd, everone at the hotel was great, the room was on the 30th floor, not a bad size room for NYC, the location is 2 blooks from Broadway shows, 3 blooks from Rockefeller ctr and right down the street from Times Square. Great location and I would stay here again. 
     Our last day in NYC, we took a cab down to 3rd ave between 20th and 21st in Gramercy. The Sandwich shop is Defonte's of Brooklyn, I have been looking forward to this place for 6 months. We get there a 1/2 hr before they open, so we take Mollie to Subway, some day she will change, today isn't the day. Defonte's is known for their Hot Roast beef sandwiches, I ordered one of them, along with a Nicky Special. The Roast beef comes with Fried eggplant and mozzarella cheese.

    Piled high, would you like some Rare on top sir, yes I would thanks

    Split the sandwich with my wife, giving someone half of this sandwich is real love. All I can say is, this is one of the best Roast beef sandwiches I have ever had. It is melt in your mouth tender and juicy, the bread is fresh and crusty, I am enjoying this. Billyboy, if the Defonte's in Brooklyn is better, I can't see how.

    Deli salads on display


    The Nicky Special is a Italian sub with, ham, Cappocollo, salami, fried eggplant, provolone, hot salad, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar. I had half of this sandwich back at the hotel, it was just what I wanted, crusty bread with all the Italian flavors this man could take, it was wonderful. I gave the other half to a security guard in the lobby, I have a friend for ever.

    We went back out after the girls did some shopping for Mollies school clothes, we went over a few blocks and found.

    Red Velvet cheese cake

    These cupcake were melt in your mouth to die for, buttercream frosting that is lighter than air, 2 red velvet, two Chocolate Chocolate and 2 vinalla with buttercream

    Does that seal ever stay home

    We are off to Boston, on the morning train. Thank you New York, you treated us well..........
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    Oh my gosh, is that it chefbillyb?