New York City......Still Rocks !!!!!

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Just got back from the city with my wife to celabrate her birthday.

Friday night we saw a new broadway show "Def Poet Jam"It was a show with nine Poets who kinda really jammed out there words.It's hard to explain,but it was very powerful and moving.
I'll try to find a link to it and post it. Went to Noche after the show for a couple cocktails and apps.Pica de Galla with plantians,grilled spicy beef,spanich sausage and grilled shrimp skewers and something I can't remember :)

Saturday we went downtown and walked around enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a late lunch at Mercer kitchen (Jean George)Open kitchen,downstairs,cool room. I had a roast lamb loin sandwich with roast bell peppers and a basil ailoi on a great toasted 8 grain bread,Jill had the bigeye and wasabi pizza. It's served on an indian still baked flat bread.It was reall good as was my sandwich.Janice had a mesclun with steamed shrimp,avocado and diakon.Also very good.Also a chestnut and celeryroot soup with pancetta (a little dissapointing, I would have prefered it pureed and not to much flavor) Later we went to the Reebok club for a massage (OOOOohhh nice ;) ) after I went across the street to 67th street wine to grab some stuff. Nice place.Picked a modern style red from Portugal and a Pic de Loup from southern France and a pinot Gris from Alsase.

Took a shower and headed out to Dos Caminos,Real fun spot,high end Latin.

A couple passionfruit margaritias got us started,then Quac made table side to your specs (very good) We also shared an app of Huitlacohe with queso fresco and salsa verde. This was served in a white corn "Al Polenta"cup The shroom was outstanding,subtle and sweet and earthy all at once.Cornitas we're in four mini soft tacos with pulled spiced pork shredded lettuce,lime juice and three mild to hot chili sauces. Perfect!

We decided to each order a shot Tequila,They have close to 100 to try :) I had Don Eduardo silver $12 Jill had Don Julio $11 Janice had Raza Azteca $12 Mine was strong,citrisy and peppery,Jills was very floural and spicy,Janices was herbal and kind of had a steak seasoning flavor.All were excellent.
I had Nimon Ranch ribs with a ten chili bbq and black bean chili and seared greens. Spicy,smoky,sweet and very tender.Jill had a filet rubbed with Mexican spices and served with mushroom and corn mini enchiladas and Janice had a seabass escabach (sp) all dinners we're really good.I forgot a note about the shots,they serve you a little shot of spiced tomato juice that cleanses your palate. Prices are really very good considering the quality of the food.

Comped desserts followed, a mini chocolate cake filled with a kahlua mousse and served with an amazing caramel milk ice cream.Banana/pistachio chocolate crepes with mexican vanilla bean ice cream and a wonderful walnut flan. Service was very good and knowlegable.
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What a wonderful birthday weekend! I particularly liked the massage part. That sounds like a great way to rest in between courses.
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