New York City CONTINUES to rise to the occasion...

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While a large chunk of the northeast battled the darkness, there is no denying that the lack of electricity has a profound effect on New York City. Thousands of people trapped in elevators in skyscrapers, millions of people stranded in the subway in complete darkness knowing they may have to walk miles underground to get outside - throngs of people hoofing it home over bridges and walking through tunnels - these aren't small things.

Limited reports of looting and nary a sight of "the belly of the beast" - news cameras catching a huge array of ethnicities blending - a hand reaching for a stranger to help hoist them from the subway tracks with a smile - a bunch of guys carrying a pregnant woman. I'm sure this happened in all the places that were blacked out - but not to the sheer scale it happened in NY.

For all those in affected places all over the northeast who lent a hand to someone else - I applaud you. As for New York City - I'm prouder of it than ever.

Hey Kyle - you keeping things under control up there? :D
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I'm in charge! I am also in Great Neck. We beat feet this morning after realizing the the juice was still out. It warms my heart to see people smiling and helping each other in times like this, in the greatest city in the world :)
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I missed it. We were on vacation in Vermont. My one regret is that for the first time in almost 30 years, we would have been able to see the stars. And Mars, too (which is still visible to the southeast, after about 9pm).

But I had little doubt that people would rise to the occasion. Rise? jeez, a friend walked up 33 stories! (Well, she could have stayed in New Jersey, but she was worried about her father who lives in the apartment next door and so made it home to make sure he didn't do anything foolish with candles.)

Happy to be HOME .
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Well you all are so correct about NYC during the black out. I was stranded there also. Just after my hair stylist put chemicals on my hair---the lights went out! I thought that if the water did not work I was going to be bald. Yeks I was stuck for a couple of hours til I was able to leave.

The droves of people that were walking toward downtown was an amazing sight. I learned from 911 that immediatellly making a hotel reserv would be impt.I was correct as alot of people had no place to stay. The onlly thing running were the Ferrys. I knew that by the time I got to the Ferrys, the wait would be hours. And worse at the time I was making my decision- Hotel vs Ferry, no one knew which ones were running. They are located all over the city. Oh I needed to go to J City, NJ. I needed to be someplace before dark as I was alone. Pitch Dark-- walking alone, Im a girl,,, Yuck. I opted for the Hotel. Buses were running but by the time they got to 25 Street, they were packed. So walking I did, 38 blocks. Belive it or not thats not alot. The only problem, since the day before I walked all over NYC and my shoes gave me horrible blisters. I did have with me a supply of "mole skin" and that helped. But, I still hurt. So along the course were bars that only had candles, so lots of people were standing on the walk/street JUST HAVING A GREAT TIME. I got to hotel HOPING that tTHIS Courtyard (hubby made the resserv) would have a bar. Nope! I went to deli and bought beer and pretzels----not a substitute for wine and cheese,etc. I sat watching people until 12 and then was escorted upstairs to 18th floor. Lobby , elevators and halls had backup power. However the room --total darkness. It was not hot either, suprise. Went to sleep at 12. Next morning got up, went for food. Very little open ---no one was on the streets except for tourists. This was at Bryant Park and 42 St. Real strange.

This is a long story. Now the strange part of the story. On Tuesday before, I was sitting in Philadellphia in apt (14 th floor). The power went out. It was a very hot day. No power, elevator didnt work, No water,My cell was down (thats all I have) My hubby was at the book store. I was stuck for 7 hours! Wait, theres more__ a month earlier at 11:30 at night, we had to evacuate the building because of a fire. I walked down 16 floors, seemed ok. My legs were a little wobbly. BUT the next day, I needed to help myself sit down. The front of my thighs were sooooo stiff for a couple of days. WHATS NEXT? I really had it easy compared to the real elderly. But enough is enough
Anyone else in NYC?

:( :(
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