New Years Menu's

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by newbiecook, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. newbiecook


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    I was talking with my boss today about themes and ideas for New Years menu's
    I was wondering if anyone had ideas for new year menus or can give me insight on what they are doing for NY's
  2. shroomgirl


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    oysters rockerfeller in fillo cups

    fall salad, pears, blue cheese, roasted pecans...applecider viniager, horseradish mustard dressing

    Prime rib with hen of the woods
    greens, probably parsnips too
    good bread and butter

    still deciding on dessert, I'm thinking coconut ice cream with roasted pineapple/amaretto/brown sugar....throw on a couple of toasted almonds

    finish with liquid chocolate 70%....Champagne and Zin or Syrah.
  3. pete

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    That's a really opened ended question. The ideas and themes can be endless. A lot would really depend on what you are going for. Many places tend to go with an obulent, traditional New Year's dinner often times doing a "surf and turf" main course of Medallions of Beef with Lobster. Depending on pricing and what else is going on you can add hand passed hors, a caviar first course, etc. That is pretty standard for a "high-end" New Year's celebration, but nothing says you have to stay with that. Again, the themes are endless. One that I always thought would be fun to do is an international menu of foods served around the world, during New Year's celebrations, that are supposed to bring good luck. I haven't ever really researched the idea, yet, so I am not sure how feasible it would be, but sounds like it might be fun.
  4. chefa1a


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    I always try and do a pre-fix for a certain amount or you can go ala cart and hit them for all the bells and whistles

    do some upscale appetizers oysers, shrimp cocoktail, foie gras if your customers like that

    then a few salads caesar, mixed greens, composed and say a lobster bisque

    surf and turf
    upscale fish preparation
    struffed chicken for the regular people
    rack of lamb

    dessert combos for two alot of couples go out

    then if doing a pre fix offer a champagne toast