New Year's Eve

Joined Aug 21, 2004
How was everyone's New Year's Eve at work? Ours was was super busy (250 covers) and a 14 hour day. I rang in the New Year just as I was punching out on the time clock and I felt good about myself and my performance. I worked the grill (big time red meat night, I think well over 50% of the entrees sold came from my station) and got in the weeds but maintained my composure, pushed everything out in a timely manner, and had no returned dishes or complaints from customers.

Everyone always wonders and asks why I am still working, as I am several years past the usual retiement. One of the big reasons, is that it keeps me in the "real world" and engaged with life. Sitting at home in my rocker is too insulating and isolating for me. Also I figure that moving parts don't rust! All in all, a great start to the New Year!!!
Joined Dec 23, 2004
Awesome! This was the first NYE in many years that I was sitting on my butt at home (still out on work comp). It was weird!
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