New "Vietnamese" restaurant - ideas?

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Hey, good folk!
I'm about to embark on the opening of a new Viet restaurant in my towns beautiful beach area. The owners are more aligned to fast food kiosks and have brought me in because I have decades of fine dining and high end restaurant experience.
The venue is stunning, the view over the ocean is a straight up selling point. So far, so good.

I died slightly inside when the owners said "Vietnamese with some Thai and Chinese fusion"
So, that screams to me "westernised Asian food just like every other place here"
But, so be it, it's their money and dreams.

But what I would love to hear from you is what I could possibly do in this situation to make this restaurant stand out from the rest?
I want to encourage the chef to have at least one daily special that is totally authentic Viet food- no mucking around with western style.
Possibly also pick a signature dish (maybe Pho?) that is authentic and true to the chefs childhood memories and promote that as a selling point.
Any feedback from my trusted friends here?
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there is a chinese restarAUNT here run by indonesians, but the indonesian menu is the best. tripe and tongue soup, fried duck leg, spicy tofu etc. i cant remember. its a sizeable indonesian menu and it is the bomb. i remember there being some sort of vietnamese cow foot soup with rice noodles, and dont forget the roast chicken ga ro ti!

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