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Hello everyone. MY interest lies in bread making at the moment. Tomorrow it can shift to wine drinking and pairing. Please be patient with me as this is my first post ever.
My first question is regarding malt powder vs malt extract. I have read about both in recipes. I have been fortunate enough to acquire some Pilsner light Malt powder, but I'm afraid to open it for fear it will clump. (That much I have learned) Please advice and enlighten me regarding differences in the powder, extract, and syrup and how to use.
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Hi Bakido and welcome to Chef Talk. I had to laugh when I read your profile! I bet you're a fun person.

We have a good number of bread bakers here, both professional and home bakers. You'll find some great threads in the Baking and Pastry General forum. If you don't see anything you're looking for at them moment, try using the search tool. There's a lot there! And the photo gallery has even more to enjoy. There;'s a lot to read in the Professional Baking forum too, but home cooks like you and I must consider the professional forums "read only".

I suggest you post your malt powder question in the Baking and Pastry General Forum. You'll get answers, I guarantee!

I hope you visit and participate here often. Good luck with your baking,

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