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Hi I live in the St.Croix U.S Virgin Islands. I moved here two years ago to broaden my culinary experience, I enjoyed my time here but I'm ready to move on to another location to expand my skills.. Traveling is what I'm into for the next 4 years .
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I'm pretty sure he/she is introducing his/her self. But I'm just spitballing here.
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I have no question or point just following what I was told to do from my private message from Nicko. Stating to introduce my self. If I posted it in the wrong forum,then thats what it is . no need for an aggressive post. Have I wasted your time or something? Learning my way around to site.
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Hi @Sexxychef. Welcome to the forums. I lived in the BVI for awhile. I have been to St Thomas and St John as you can hit them with a rock from Tortola, but never St Croix. Got it on my to do list though. Where is going to be your next port of call?


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@Sexxychef  yes you are supposed to post an intro and thank you for doing that. Sorry if you receive a cold welcome but never the less you are welcome to the community. Please let us know if you have any questions about

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