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Hello everyone!

I am passionate about cooking. I am not a professional. I love creating new stuff at home and serving to my friends and family. People like my food :).

I am thinking to be a personal chef.

Need your inputs on which city in SF bay area is good to start marketing about myself. I live in Sunnyvale


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I'm from San Jose but live in the East Bay now. I formerly worked in SF for about 6 years.

I find it easier to market outside of SF. My friend started his private chef company by working at tech startups to showcase his food. He eventually went on to work at Google's kitchen then broke out on his own.

Sunnyvale is a nice city. I loved living there but it was getting crowded around 2012 when I left


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Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined the community. There are many threads here on becoming a personal chef I would suggest starting with those. You should see if you can find in your area a local group meetup for personal chefs. You could try using
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