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Thanks to Mezzaluna for introducing me to this site over at Slow Travelers. I have been an enthusiastic home chef for the past 30 years. I have occasionally taken on a major function (13 courses for 50 people), however, primarily cook for my family and friends. My idea of an ideal holiday is 3 months in Italy staying in an appartment, collecting local recipes, buying fresh local produce and cooking our own meals.
I hope I can offer as much as I receive at this site.
Gavin (Sydney, Australia)
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Gavin... welcome aboard!! Any friend of Mezz is sure welcome here. The Italy vacation sounds like a great idea... what part? I have promised my wife that one day we will hit Venice for an extended vacation.
Again, welcome aboard... looking forward to your insight.
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Hello Gavin! Nice to see you over here in a community as friendly as Slow Travel. Everyone, please give Gavin a warm welcome.

Have a look around the board and see what we mean.... use the search function to see older conversations on topics of interest to you.

Then choose the best forum for your question or post and have at it. Please ask if you have questions.

Again, welcome!



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Welcome to Chef Talk Gavin!

It seems we all sahred the same dream of an Italian holiday. Maybe one day we'll all get there....
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sounds like you are ready to go ! let's hear more of your adventures!
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