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Hello everyone. I just got a computer to take to school with me at The CIA, and I am using it to find sites like this. I am 24 and first worked as a line cook at Shoney's when I was 15. I've tried a few different kitchens in the last nine years. Currently I am the grill cook at a very small fine dining joint in Atlanta. We do only 10-30 covers M-F and about 50-70 Friday and Saturday. I am in charge of nightly chef's specials, and always looking for ideas, or sharing. I also enjoy many books about cooking.

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"We can learn to be cooks, but we must be born knowing how to roast" Brillat-Savarin :chef:
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Welcome to Chef Talk!!! I see you are a fan of IC. So what's your favorite style of cuisine? Since you're (assuming) still in the A-T-L when do you start @ CIA? Also is the restaurant in downtown Atlanta or toward Buckhead?
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I Start CIA in January. The restaurant is actually in Gwinnett county. It's an old ante-bellum mansion. Right now I perform what the restaurant I work at calls continental estate dining - or something like that. I like all types of cuisine. I do watch IC often, but chef actually started calling me IronchefATL, because I talked about it, so I used it for my handle.
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Welcome aboard. Your current restaurant sounds interesting. Could you explain some items from the menu?
Thanks and, again, welcome!
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We're glad to meet you, IronChefATL. I hope you enjoy browsing the forums and checking out the archives.

Welcome to the Cafe!

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Sure. The Restaurant is called Little Gardens. We make most of the money from weddings and other functions. Our menu is fairly simple. Apps are things like LG's lump crab cake w/ creole mustard sauce, fried green tomatoes w/ balsamic reduction and Gorgonzola. The top selling dinner is Tournedos Neptune- Two tournedos w/ crab, scallops, shrimp, and bearnaise. We sell alot of steaks, I think its the area. We have a brandied apple stuffed pork tenerloin dish w/ roasted pepper pineapple glaze, Pepper-corn crusted lamb rack, and really lame plain ole grilled chicken.
Some poopular specials I made include-
Guinness Marinated 12 oz. New York Strip w/ Applewood bacon and Drambuie sauce.
Molasses and Southern Comfort glazed lamb loin with cheese grits, sauteed spinach, and creamed corn.
"my play on veal Orloff"- Grilled veal chopped Ameretto/ swiss cheese sauce, and topped with toasted almonds glazed in the oven w/ fresh green pea risotto sauteed spinach and asparagus.
Ous desserts are a basic assotment of cakes and pies, sometimes chocolate mousse terrine, or something else.
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