new trends with salt

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I donnow, but I've been using salt as a component in dessert items to bring balance of flavor. Well who knew it was in vogue?
Yesterdays NYTimes article by Amanda Hesser
Brings us to this new trend in desserts and cooking using flur de sal from soup to nut brittle.
I can see using a fine beautiful salt to highlight a dessert. mmmmm.
I really love the crunchy contrast of sugar and salt in butter cream icing playing up the butter essance.

I love my job!

bake first, ask questions later
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I love the flavor of fleur de sel, but have yet to use it in desserts. I just ordered a package of it the other day. I can't wait to see hoe versatile it is.
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i've tried a lot of the sea salts but i'm concerned about the soil particles especially from an industrialized country.I like Cayman Islands sea salt but i have only got it once as a gift and cannot find it anywhere
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