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At the ripe old age of forty something I decide it might be time for to learn something about wine. I could use some help can anyone recomed a book or a site to help me get started.


Tom aka Hendel
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Believe it or not I would start with the "Wine for Dummies" book. It really is an excellent book for someone starting from scratch. They also have a "White wine for dummies" and a "Red wine for dummies." I would start with the generic wine for dummies.

Even with my knowledge of my wine, I still go back to the dummies book for information.

As you start to advance yourknowledge you may want a more detailed book. There are two good ones. Hugh Johnson's World Atlas of Wine and the Larousse Encyclopedia of wine.

It also wouldn't hurt to subscribe to a wine magazine. It helps keep you abreast of recenet trends, vintages, and prices.

Welcome fellow oenophile. Soon you'll be addicted too.

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I find it helpful to visit local wineries and talk with the people there. They understand that a healthy industry depends on interested consumers, so don't be shy about asking questions.

I also started taking notes about the wines. Nothing in-depth. Just certain things about the wines that leap to mind. For example, the smell of the Blanc de Blancs at Mumm remind me of ocean spray. If notice a particular fruit I try to note it. If nothing else, note-taking reminds me to be present with the wine.
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