New (to us) imac!!!

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So we are the proud owners of a new (to us) imac. 


It is only about a year and a half old and it was a castoff from hubby's studio.  Back before they had to do a massive downsize they upgraded the receptionists computer to the latest basic imac. (good for word processing and email but not for big spreadsheet files etc)  As they downsized it has become more and more apparent that the imac she was using was no longer suitable so they gave her the pro upgrade.  Enter nearly new imac sitting in the storage room and hubby knowing that our fifteen year old souped up mac somethingorother  was moaning and groaning its way to a slow grave.  So.. he approached the studio owner and asked about the imac and what he wanted for it .... and we got it for... $100!!  It is lightyears faster than the old one and it's best feature is no more moaning and groaning.  We still have the G3 around and won't erase the hard drive until we see that we are all good with this one. 

My biggest issue is holy  moley how bright it all is!! 

Also there are features on this site my old box would never pick up and it would take ages for things to appear!
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sorry a little long.

Moaning and Groaning. LOL

My wife is a Mac user. Although she has had upgrades to help her with work, she just can't seem to  give up her ancient Mac by the side of the bed. Habit. Just to read the NYT.

  Well it started to moan and groan a couple of years ago..It fires of hardware at will. Which my son says is  common .

Towards the end the CD drive would fire randomly and sound like a spaceship. The end came one Sunday morning while I was sleeping in. My wife got real concerned. I was mumbling, shaking, and hot to the touch. She woke me with a shake. I opened my eyes and said OMG I was dreaming I was hovering over the house. Then I heard the CD drive in the background.

The end of that Mac.

Have fun with your new toy!

What a deal!

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Thanks! We're all loving the new toy...

That's a great story Panini.. I had a good laugh at that one!  Sorry your wife's old mac went to the mac graveyard in the sky..  I used to have a  mac classic (the original box) that I used to store my recipes on..  I bet it would still fire up today if I still had it.  One thing about macs.. they are not cheap but they do last forever!
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