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Greetings from Chicago! You'll be seeing me around here so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Jackson. I have already learned many new things in the hour I have spent on cheftalk. It is hoped that I can provide some insights when appropriate. I'm into ethnic and regional cuisine. Making empanadas tonight and gumbo on the weekend. I've only once yelled "bam" when I've hit a dish with ground chili's. My wife is British and came to the states 12 years ago. Therefore, anything I cook is great! Hahaha. j/k Have had great meals in restaurants and homes in the UK. Unfortumately, not in her mothers home. Btw..I tend to ramble. Cheftalk may want to install a timer that cuts my posts off at 1 minute. Anyway, look foward to a few laughs, sharing some ideas, learning a great deal, and contributing where I can. I do know a great deal about all-grain beer brewing if anyone has trouble in that area. Also, if anyone in Chicago plays somewhat serious pool and billiards, contact me and we can hook up, go rent a table for a few hours at Chris's or the Billiard cafe to shoot some 9-ball, one pocket, straight pool, 3-cushion,snooker..whatever...Thanks for listening~ Jackson
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OMG :eek:

Do not give such ideas to Nicko please... I will be the first victim :)

Welcome to chef talk

I am a victim of the English kitchen too :)

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